Post Natal & Home Care

Our Services

Who are we:
We at PNCS are a group of women, carefully selected and trained to give our fellow females a helping hand in child care and other pre and post natal needs. Most of our staff are mothers, as they have first hand experience with the miracle of child birth. We hire women who can share their experiences and help other mothers through their journey.

What do we do:
We work to:

  •     Nurture new born babies
  •     Assist with sibling
  •     Care for children with special needs
  •     Provide respite for moms

We  provide part time or short term child care support for the care of new-born babies, children with special needs and occasional help with siblings. We can also assist families with light household duties to give them a break from their daily routines. Our services also include Peri-Natal Respite program.

Our clients can be

  •    Private families who need a helping hand
  •    Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) clients
  •    New mothers facing Post Partum Depression 

We get referrals from pediatricians, FSCD and private individuals and we make our best effort to meet the unique needs of all our clients.  

We strive to keep our programs accessible to families of all income levels. Please call for more information.