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Post Natal is the care of the mom and baby immediately after childbirth. The period following the birth of the child is called the 'post natal period'. We believe that having a supportive, caring, knowledgeable person in a home can positively impact post partum recovery, as well as strengthen the parent-child bond. At a time that is rewarding but is frequently stressful, a reliable, experienced extra set of hands can make all the difference. 

Post Natal & Home Care Services Ltd. (PNCS) is a registered agency dedicated to providing support to families with their newborn(s). Our team of caring staff is there to help and support you in every step of your post partum experience. We provide in-home care services to you and your family from day one, as you adjust to a new life with a newborn baby. Our experienced staff are available to provide child care and other home support services continuously as your child grows and develops throughout their lifespan. We work together with Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) to provide a range of support services to meet your unique needs. The family of a child with a disability can undergo enormous stress and fatigue and our abilities to adapt to any family situation makes us the prime choice in many homes for respite care. Our services are offered all over Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

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"Inside Every Child Is A Rainb​ow Waiting To ​Shine"


Post Natal & Home Care